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Day 2: Seven Days of Drifty

Day 2: Monday August 1st

While everyone else you know is logging into their company email you are sipping coffee watching the sun light up the sandbar island you camped on last night. You didn’t really notice the wind much yesterday but a high pressure system moved in from overnight and gave you a 6 mph headwind on the river. Shit.

But you slept great and got an early start on the river so it doesn’t really matter. The sun is out and the birds are chirping. After a really long debate on the best Jack Johnson song you paddle around a large bend in the river and see a few red canoes beached in front of a riverside bar/restaurant. Someone is waving at you pointing towards a cold beer and then back at you. After a nice hot meal you both feel recharged and hop back on the river. The next two hours fly by as you count bald eagles and drink the tropical hard seltzers you bought to go from the last place.

At some point you catch up next to some others on the trip who say they are stopping for water and supplies in Muscoda (Musk-a-day) and will probably camp somewhere past that. You both decide to make port in Muscoda to grab water, a load of bread, some ham, and plenty of American cheese. After the blood is back in your legs you get back in the canoe and make camp somewhere West of Muscoda on another island but this one has some trees on it. You burn some more wood but this time you grill up ham and cheese sandwiches and point at constellations.

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