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Lost In Nicaragua

Because Jerry’s never been to South America
November 23-29, 2025

Where Vulcan’s flame meets Neptune’s brine,
A quest on two wheels, your destiny to define.

As the year of the lord reads one score and five,
During the penultimate moon you will arrive.

Homes bear no number, and streets speak not their name,
A jungle kingdom awaits, each dawn never the same.

On paths less beaten, myriad adventure to be unfurled,
In the bosom of the tropics, a brave new world.


How do you put a price tag on the greatest trip of your life? We did, and it’s just $1,950. For your hard-earned cash, you’ll get a lifetime of memories, new best friends, a crash course in Central America, a boost in self-confidence, and everything else below:

  • Lodging at the Start Line, Meet-Up Party & Finish Line: Cozy accommodations to kick off, reconnect, and wrap up your epic journey.
  • Incredible Homemade Nicaraguan Meals: Feast on delicious local cuisine at all our events.
  • Your Very Own Nicaraguan Ride: Choose between a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle—perfect for exploring Nicaragua’s diverse landscapes.
  • Helmet, Lock, and Paperwork: All the essentials to keep you and your ride safe and street-legal.
  • Lost Gear Wagon: To haul all your extra gear. It’ll meet us at the start, the midweek meet-up, and the finish line.
  • A Custom Tracking App (Wayward 3.0!): Offline tracking functionality so your friends and family know where you are even when you’re hopelessly lost.
  • Your Very Own Nicaraguan Emergency Contact: Just in case you need to make a call from jail.
  • A Hunk of Metal (and Maybe a Tattoo): To remember your adventure by and show off your epic journey.