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We believe in a good adventure. The kind of trip that challenges you and has more unknowns than most people can stomach. It’s a different kind of travel, and we think more people should experience it. Sign up for our next trip to taste it yourself.

Coming Soon: 3 New Trips

We’re growing Lost Travel in 2020 and we’ve got quite a few trips in the works. Three of them are being buttoned up right now. One involves alligators (think Everglades), one involves Orcas (think Seattle), and one involves a fancy new form of motorized transport (think Electric).

We’re going to announce them on a piece of newsprint just like our forefathers would have. Want in early? Snag a supporter pack. It's like a Kickstarter campaign... but it's on our own terms and we'll actually follow through on it.

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Supporter of the Lost Cause

Become a hat-wearing, tree-planting supporter of Lost Travel Company. Sign up today and you'll get $50 towards your next Adventure, our Eco Trucker hat, early access to 3 badass events, and we'll plant 5 trees in the Amazon for you.

  • $50 ticket towards your next Lost Event

  • A printed newspaper with a sneak peek at 3 new amazing adventures (details below). You’ll have a chance to sign up before any non-supporters.

  • Our Eco Trucker Hat, an Organic/Recycled Snapback - 70% certified organic cotton, 30% recycled polyester

  • 5 Trees planted in the Amazon (we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to do some good down there)

  • Free Shipping

It’s like a kickstarter… but it’s on our own terms and we’ll actually fulfill your order.

Supporter packages ship at the end of September.

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Driftless 250 Sponsors


The Driftless 250

250 miles, 7 days, Bike + Paddle + Camp. Across the beautiful Driftless Region of Southern Wisconsin.

The Driftless 250 is what I imagine going through the laundry is like. You get kind of dirty, then get sort of wet, then you kind of get the shit kicked out of you for a little bit but at the end you have this really warm and fuzzy feeling and you want to do it again.
— Walker, Driftless 250 Pioneer


Spring EDITION: May 16TH - May 23rd, 2020

  • Kickoff Party - Sat, May 16th - Downtown Madison, WI

  • Start Line - Sun, May 17th - ???

  • Finish Party - Sat, May 23rd - Middleton, WI

What’s included?

The entry fee of gets you…

  • 7 days of beautifully unscripted travel

  • A mostly sea-worthy canoe for your whole team

  • Paddles and life vests for your whole team

  • At least one bald eagle sighting (We stopped counting at 20)

  • One week’s worth of RX Bars and nut butters courtesy of RX Bar ($25 value)

  • One week’s worth of backpacking meals and more courtesy of Alpine Aire ($100 value)

  • Transportation and secure storage for your bike while you're drifting down the river

  • We’ll even throw in some fire wood for you

  • A start line party (food + drinks)

  • A rager of a finish line party (food + drinks)

  • Shiny piece of metal to commemorate it all

  • Satisfaction that you're helping preserve one of the most beautiful areas of the Midwest

  • Stories your coworkers will drool over

What do I need to bring?

You must bring your own bike (It’s BYOB). You also need to bring your own camping equipment; we recommend you pack light. Don't bring more than you can carry on a bike. Click here if you want help with outfitting.

You will need to bring/buy your own food and water but our sponsors have done most of the heavy lifting for you. You’ll never be more than a few (dozen) miles from civilization so if you’re running low on cheese curds you can stock up pretty easily.

We also recommend you bring a bring a map and compass. Don't bring GPS unless you want everyone to laugh at you.

If you’re traveling from far away (Toronto, San Francisco, or other faraway lands) and need help coordinating a bike rental let us know and we can help, we’ve got a bike guy. 

The Driftless 250 | The Drifty | Wisconsin River