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Lost In Sicily

September 21-27, 2024


Our sold out 2022 and 2023 event was such a success that we had to do it again and why not?

Italian horsepower, world class wines, dangerously delicious food, breathtaking sea views, incredible locals, castles older than Jesus, abandoned ghost towns and a little adrenaline. What’s not to love about Lost in Sicily!?

Lost Travel

Who wants to be told what to do and where to go!? Not us. We’ve arranged the all boring logistics and paperwork bits for you, and coordinated some fun stuff along the way. The rest is up to you. Map out a route or wing it, we don’t care.

Price & What’s Included?

A wise person once said price is what you pay, value is what you get. For your euros (not the sandwich) you’ll get a lifetime of memories, personal development, lifelong friendships, a boost in self-confidence and everything else below… we are a way better deal than Tony Robbins

  • Lodging at the start line, meet up party & finish line
  • Incredible homemade Italian meals at all events
  • Your very own Italian stallion… keep your pants on it’s a Vespa
  • Helmet, lock, and paperwork for said Vespa
  • Lost gear wagon to haul all your extra shit. It will meet us at the start, meet up party, and finish line
  • A custom tracking app with offline tracking functionality so your friends and family know where you are even when you’re hopelessly lost
  • An Italian emergency contact just in case you need to make a call from jail

$50 per person due now and credited towards: Solo (1 Butt, 1 Vespa): $1,750 or Tandem (2 Butts, 1 Vespa): $2,800


“Speechless — Lost Travel continues to create unique opportunities for travelers to have experiences that are unscripted with limited structure to allow for authentic memories to be made.” 
– Carol, Lost In Sicily 2022

“Lost in Sicily was a wild ride to see the island in an extremely intimate way. Wouldn’t want to explore Sicily any other way!”
–  Ben G,  2022

Had the flu, missed our first air bnb, crashed the vespa, spent half a day in the “worst hospital in Sicily” (according to the doctor lol), had our second air bnb canceled on us, got rained on, almost ran out of gas, and never got my marghertia pizza….but it was still one of the best trips I’ve experienced! 10/10 would do it all again. (Minus the crash. lol)
– Lexi, Lost In Sicily 2022

This trip was adventurous enough to get you out of your comfort zone but not difficult to complete. Loved that so many people took different routes and did different things but sometimes randomly met up with others in the same town at night.
– Andy T, Lost In Sicily 2022

An incredible way to see the country while eating your way through as much amazing pizza, pasta, and cannolis as you can imagine.– Kiley G, Lost In Sicily 2022

We started the trip with friends who had only rode on two motorized wheels the week before and they said they wouldn’t be able to “drive like a local” because It was too risky and dangerous…. Well guess who was lane splitting by the last day!? Oh also one came back and bought a motorcycle the very next weekend because the trip was “too much fun not to get one”… I’d call that a successful adventure! –  Walker, Lost In Sicily 2022