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Lost in Vietnam

The Lost Moto Club is back going to Vietnam. 7 days, 800 kilometers, on badass electro-motos.

March 8th – 15th 2025

Adventure: Trying to weasel your way through legendary Vietnamese traffic on an electric motorbike while wearing a Nón lá in search of another egg coffee

Vietnam is absolutely bloody stuffed full of two wheelers for you to compete with on the roads.  Just how many? 36 million that’s how many. And 7 million of those are found in the city this adventure kicks off from!

Hitting you straight in those electric crown jewels, you and your fellow riders will head north from Ho Chi Minh city. Or for those taking part who are on the lonelier side, or looking for that third wheel to make a thrupple, Vietnam is where speed dating was invented! Originally a way for farmers in rural areas to find a wife, these ‘Love Markets’ have become a way for Vietnamese singletons to get their freak on and disappoint their relatives.

Lost in Vietnam is an intercontinental collaboration between Lost Travel and Nerpa Travel

Price & What’s Included?

How do you put a price tag on the greatest trip of your life? We did and it’s about 45 million dong. In USD that’s just $1,950 but who’s counting. For your hard-earned dong you’ll get a lifetime of memories, new best friends, a crash course in SE Asia, a boost in self-confidence and everything else below:

  • Lodging at the start line, meet up party & finish line
  • Incredible homemade Vietnamese meals at all events
  • Your very own Vietnamese stallion… keep your pants on it’s an electric motorcycle
  • Helmet, lock, and paperwork for said electoMoto
  • Lost gear wagon to haul all your extra shit. It will meet us at the start, meet up party, and finish line
  • A custom tracking app (Wayward 3.0!) offline tracking functionality so your friends and family know where you are even when you’re hopelessly lost
  • Your very own Vietnamese emergency contact just in case you need to make a call from jail
  • A hunk of metal (and maybe a tattoo) to remember your adventure by

Meet your Electro Moto:

  • Make and Model: Dat Bike Weaver 200
  • Range: 200 Vietnamese kilometers or approximately 120 freedom miles. Although range is quoted at 200km that doesn’t mean just keep the throttle fully open and expect to hit that figure. Going too hard will make the motor overheat and overheating means less kilometers
  • Charging time: From empty to full from a regular electrical outlet in only 3 hours. One hour of charging will provide you 100km (60 miles) of range
  • Performance: With a top speed of 90kph (55mph) and a power output of 6kw, it’s similar in power to a 125cc motorcycle
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes with battery regen (recharges the motor when slowing down or going downhill)
  • Play your cards right with charging and we reckon you could do upwards of 500km a day
  • Battery is non-removable, so need to park up close to an outlet, the cable is about 7ft long so there is some wiggle room

A couple boring requirements:

  1. International Drivers Permit: You’ll need this. They cost like $15 at AAA. 
  2. Motorcycle License: These vehicles are classed as a 125 cc motorbike – So, your International Drivers Permit must be stamped with the license or accreditation that allows you to drive a 125cc or 11kw power in the State that you live in.
  3. Your own travel insurance is required, we often recommend through World Nomads – Get the addition for riding motor bikes
  4. Helmets – A helmet is required. Your can bring your own or wear one of ours.