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Traws cymru

aka the Wales Bike Trip

May 17-23, 2025

Join us for 7 days of bad-ass bikepacking across the stunning landscapes of Wales, UK, from May 17-23, 2025. You can expect miles of epic trails via mountain bike or electric mountain bike, hundreds of baby sheep, and extra Welsh cakes (because, calories burned!). This trip features all accommodations included, bike rental included, and a Lost Wagon support vehicle driven by an official Welshman.

Traws Cymru is an intercontinental collaboration between Lost Travel and Nerpa Travel


How do you put a price tag on the greatest trip of your life? We actually haven’t yet but it’ll be totally worth it!  (We are thinking around $2,750).  However, this isn’t like any Lost Trip we’ve done before since all accommodations are included.  

  • Kickoff Festivities: Get the party started and meet your fellow adventurers.
  • All Accommodations Along the Trip: Stay in hostels, pubs, and glamping sites (no camping gear required).
  • Your very own Mountain Bike or e-MTB rental: Because conquering 40 miles a day deserves a trusty steed
  • Welshmen disguised as a Bike Mechanic: To keep you rolling smoothly.
  • Lost Wagon Support Van: Spare parts, spare beer—because priorities.
  • Swag and All the Fun Stuff: To remember your adventure by.
  • Wayward Tracking App (Wayward 3.0!): Offline tracking functionality so your friends and family know where you are even when you’re lost in the wilds of Wales.
  • Finish Festivities: Celebrate your epic journey with a bang.

Options for Bike:

  • 1 person BYOBike
  • 1 person with bike rental
  • 1 person with e-bike rental

Cwestiynau Cyffredin aka FAQ 

What is the route length?

370km (230 miles) –  7290m (24,0000 feet) climbing imperial 

See itinerary.

What should I pack?

A pair of underwear or two, a smile, and a sense of adventure. 

We’d also recommend your own bikepacking kit. (enough room for food and water for the day and any essentials you’d like to have on you)

Where will I be staying?

We haven’t done any trip like this before – ALL ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDED! (We can’t say they are all 4 star but you’ll have somewhere to sleep.)

You can expect a mix of hotels, a quirky hostel and pubs with rooms will be provided.  It should be expected that you will be sharing rooms with at least one other person if not two. 

What type of bike are we using?

You will be offered the opportunity to rent either a Mountain Bike or an E-Moutain Bike.  Most likely these bikes would be hardtails (suspension at the front but not at the rear).

Can I bring my own bike?

You are welcome to bring your own bike. However, please be aware that there may be a lack of availability or mechanical support should you encounter problems so bringing sensible spares is ESSENTIAL. 

Can you tell me more about the route?

The route takes the you through the Cambrian mountain range (the oldest mountain range in the World, whatever that means) as well as Eryri (formally Snowdonia).  It offers the full spectrum of the Welsh experience, desolate and remote rolling hills, lakes, mountains, farms, sheep, bit of coast, all the sheep, and forests, basically the whole lot.  Whilst the route is mainly on road (approximately 60/40 split).  Welsh roads are by no means smooth and easy to ride, also what is classed as a road sometimes is a bit of an exaggerations.  On the bumpier stuff there is single track, doubletrack, sheep tracks, fields, some hardpack gravel, fireroads, forests, some relatively techy sections with boulders and the odd bog thrown in there for good measure.  Hills in Wales are short (mostly), steep (you’ll be riding up plenty of 20%ers) and energy sapping. 

See itinerary. 

What can I expect for weather?

Who knows. Expect a bit of everything, but chances are it’ll be rain and wind.  But potentially sun.  But also potentially snow.  Dress for everything as everything will happen.  

What can I do with my extra luggage?

You can shove it in the Lost Wagon at the start line and have access to it most evenings at our accommodation stop. 

What if I break down?

Fix your bike.  You will be expected to be self-reliant and self supporting between accommodation stops. But seriously, you can call us and we can lob some guidance your way.  We may even know a good looking Welshmen roving around in a support van with tools in case you get yourself in a big jam!

How experienced of a rider should I be?

This won’t be a ride in the park – we are talking about 40 miles a day of mixed terrain however if you are going the E-MTB route it may just save your legs!

What if I sign up alone?

No worries. Your future best friends already signed up for this trip. Our kickoff festivities are all about building camaraderie so you won’t have to ride solo. 

Do you have any recommendations for getting to Knighton?

Flights to the UK are reasonable. 

Knighton is straightforward to get to from Birmingham which is a 1 hour train ride from central London.  Likewise Conwy is on a mainline train back to Liverpool and participants can easily go onwards from there.

Birmingham, London, and Manchester are top choices for hubs in the UK. 

What’s the schedule of Events?

Food, Drink, & Entertainment are included for each of the events below.

Kickoff Party: Knighton (5.17)

Midweek Meetup: Machynlleth (5.20)

Finish Line Party: Conwy (5.23)

See itinerary for more information. 

What are some things I might experience?

We can almost guarantee you’ll see a baby lamb – or ten! But you’ll also experience true Welsh culture: listen to a male voice choir, cheer at a rugby game, get drunk with the locals, try your luck at weekly bingo, and meet the charming countryside characters.