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Sicily Details

Rules | Routes | Dates

The Rules

We only have three rules

  • Be kind.

  • Love life’s lemons… embrace the failures, breakdowns, rare crashes and long nights. It will make you a better person.

  • Traveler’s insurance is required. After all, there’s nothing better than great insurance to cover your risky behavior.

The Route

Sicily is awesome. There’s an active volcano, wild coast lines, ancient cities, incredible beaches, remote villas, world class vineyards, mafia strongholds, historical landmarks and much more.

You’ve been told your whole life where you should go or what you should do. Not anymore, amica!

All you have to do is get to the starting point near Catania and finish at a fancy hotel in Palermo. We recommend that you make a detour and join the meet up party in Prizzi but it’s not required.

The Dates

$50 per person reservation collected now and credited towards the following options: Solo (1 Butt, 1 Vespa): $1,750 or Tandem (2 Butts, 1 Vespa): $2,800


For your euros (not the sandwich) you’ll get a lifetime of memories, personal development, lifelong friendships, a boost in self-confidence, and everything else below…we are a much better deal than Tony Robbins.

  • Revered Lost Travel welcome kit
  • Lodging at the start party, meet up party, and finish line party
  • Incredible homemade Italian meals at all events
  • 3 epic parties (food, drink, & entertainment)
  • Your very own Italian stallion… keep your pants on it’s a Vespa
  • Lost gear wagon to haul all your extra shit. It will meet us at the start, meet up party, and finish line
  • A custom tracking app with offline tracking functionality so your friends and family know where you are when you get lost
  • We’ll give you a map that is pretty much useless
  • A guidebook that is even more useless than the map
  • Italian lessons that are even more useless than the guidebook
  • Delivery and pick up of your Vespa
  • An Italian emergency contact if you need to make call from jail
  • Some cheeky awards for the people we like best

Infrequently asked questions

What Should I Pack!?

A pair of underwear or two, 200 Euros for the deposit on the bike, a smile and a sense of adventure.

What comes with the Vespa?
A helmet, a lock, and all the paperwork you need to get yourself out of trouble.
How much storage is in the vespa?

Roughly the volume of an average-sized watermelon

What Can I Do With My Extra Luggage?

You can shove it in the Lost wagon at the start line in Catania. The Lost wagon will be in Prizzi at the midweek meetup. It will also meet you in Palermo.

What if we crash or go to the hospital?
  • We don’t recommend crashing. If you do, make sure you’re all safe and dial the emergency number for local authorities.
  • You are required to have travelers insurance that includes medical coverage.
What if we break down?
Fix your scooter. Pull out your biggest smiles and best Italian and ask for help. But seriously, you can call us and we can lob some guidance your way. We may even know a good looking Italian mechanic.
How experienced of a rider should I be?
  • Watch some Youtube videos and learn through osmosis
  • We recommend you’re a minimum of a 3/10 or you have a lot of courage and a calm demeanor.
  • Either way, you’ll have time for training and test driving at the kickoff party.
  • Many participants have never been on two motorized wheels before
Do I need to bring a helmet?

We provide that.

What if I sign up alone?

No worries. Your future best friends already signed up for this trip. Our kickoff festivities are all about building camaraderie so you won’t have to ride solo. 

What Time Does The Kick-Off Begin & The Finish Party End?

We recommend you arrive between 3:00 to 5:00pm at the start.  As you will have time to settle in and get some practice on scooters. 

The finish line party starts at 7:00pm and usually goes pretty late so we’d advise against flying out that evening. 

Do you have any recommendations for getting to Catania?

Flights within Europe are pretty cheap. For example, we often see one way tickets from Rome to Catania for less than $50. 

As a result, it may be cheapest (but not the most convenient) to book a round trip to major hub like Rome and then one way tickets. 

What’s The Schedule Of Events?

Lodging, food, and drink is included for each of the events below. 

Kick Off Party @ Catania – Agriturismo Baduila 
Date: Saturday, Sept 21st, 2024   
Check In:

Secret Meet Up Party @ Prizzi 
Date: Wed, Sept 25th, 2024 
Meet Time: 3:00pm 

Finish Line Party @ Palermo
Date: Friday, Sept 27th 2024