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Day 1: Seven Days of Drifty

Day One: Sunday July 31st. 

It’s the first day of the actual Drifty! You wake up at 7AM, or maybe 10AM depending on the night before. It’s 86F outside already and you are packing up your stuff and getting ready to leave. You remember from last night that you are supposed to ride your bike towards a river and get into a canoe by the end of the day. You see a person you talked to last night pedaling away so you point to your teammate to follow them.

After some pedaling the scenery changes from office buildings to rolling farmland. As you crest another big hill your teammate spots a handful of bikes haphazardly resting against a picnic table out front of a tavern. You recognize many of the faces and a cold beer is handed to you. You drink it and find it weirdly hydrating. But you get back on your bike and eventually spot a large bridge spanning the Wisconsin river and you know you are in the right area.

After some back-and-forth with the map, you find the first transition point and trade your bike in to a surly woman who gives you a canoe, two paddles, and a bundle of firewood. You both shove off and drift down river. You’re relieved that your legs get a chance to rest! After a bit of paddling your teammate spots a sandy island somewhere near Spring Green so you both beach the canoe and set up camp for the night. You’re tired but feeling accomplished and decide to celebrate the days achievements by burning a piece of wood and having a few sips of whiskey while you stare at the stars.

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