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Day 4: Seven Days of Drifty

Day Four: Wednesday August 3rd

Day four means transition day. Depending on where you ended the previous night you only have a little bit of paddling to do before you arrive at transition point two near Wyalusing State Park. If you made camp around Wauzeka that means maybe 15 miles left. If you ended up closer to Bridgeport then it’s only another 8-9 miles.

Sun is out today. Plenty of sunscreen and how are there so many damn bald eagles!? You notice the river is changing quite a bit. It’s getting a lot wider and slower. You think to yourself, “but why”? Your teammate yells back “this is probably where it flows into the Mississippi River!” You nod back like you knew the whole time.

As you paddle the Mississippi occasionally glancing over at the bluffs of northeastern Iowa you spot a small beach with a Lost flag. It’s transition point 2! You’re simultaneously flooded with excitement about getting out of this damn canoe but also sadness about having to leave your canoe. You deal with this clash of emotions internally for a little while until you reach the beach and see your bike waiting for you.

Your next task is to heave yourself and all your gear up from the sea level to the hills of the Driftless. On your way out of Wyalusing make sure to stop at the little ice cream stand and say hi to the patrol kitty. Your big decision is whether to pedal north or south of the river. Whatever you chose will undoubtedly be some of the best cycling of your life. You can choose to camp at a state park, grab a hotel room or AirBNB or sleep in that abandoned bulldozer. Either way you’ve got a lot of biking ahead of you. 

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