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Day 5: Seven Days of Drifty

Day Five already! Depending on the weather you probably are waking up in your tent/hammock (that’s a debate for a few beers) to another bucolic Wisconsin summer morning. You go to stand up for the first time and experience “Jello legs”. Feels good though.

Regardless of the general route you chose you’ll be on some of the best biking roads in the Driftless Region. The southerly route is generally a bit more populated which means more road traffic. The northerly route is a bit more remote and has less traffic. Either way you’re bound to pass by plenty of places to buy beer, candy, firecrackers, cheese, and sweet corn. Again the choice of accommodations is yours. There is always a camping option somewhere close or if you are feeling like a continental breakfast and a mint on your pillow grab a hotel somewhere.

Try to find something off the beaten path today. In the past we’ve had participants stop at a dairy farm and milk a cow. We’ve also had people show up at a hippie commune and do some light weeding and gardening. Maybe you’ll end up in lawn darts tournament, cannonballing into a lake, or buying candy from an Amish woman.

Seize the day and ride East!

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