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2.5% for Tomorrow

We’ve been fans of air since our first breath. We like ours served neat, pine-scented, and hold the carbon (Please).

Our love of air and our love of travel has left us wrestling with a bit of a quandary…

  • Travel offers new perspectives on the world, which leads us to care for the planet more deeply.

  • Travel comes at a carbon cost.

We could all just stay home and not interact with the world. But, then we’ll die sad and miss out on a lot of great street food.

“Well then,” we thought, “what if we just invent a machine that directly captures carbon from the air and then permanently stores it back in the ground where it came from?” Alas, somebody beat us to it.

If this technology already exists, the people need to know about it! Alas, Tomorrow’s Air is doing that work and they’re doing it well. So, we’re going to join forces with them.

2.5 Percent for Tomorrow

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re committing 2.5% of trip revenues to Tomorrow’s Air. Tomorrow’s Air is a travel collective inspiring and engaging travelers and travel companies to help scale up the use of carbon removal technology – cleaning up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere quickly, and storing it permanently.

They’re doing the good work of teaching we adventurers about actual solutions and making it easy to get active in solving this.

Tomorrow’s Air is thrilled with the precedent Lost Travel is setting with its 2.5 percent commitment. We already know the power of travel to inspire and awaken – with the help of Lost Travel we’re directing that power to help scale up carbon removal with permanent storage.

— Christina Beckmann, Tomorrow’s Air Co-founder

Longstanding members of the Lost Community will know that we support tree planting and have planted quite a few in the past. Trees gotta live too!

The thing is, even if we could plant all the trees we wanted, they couldn’t take enough carbon out of the air fast enough.

“Nature – think of our planet’s trees, ocean, soil – all absorb carbon dioxide and store it. However these natural systems can take many years to absorb carbon dioxide. For example, when trees are planted, it will typically take at least ten years until the carbon dioxide is removed from the air. Deploying carbon removal technologies such as direct air capture alongside our protection and conservation of nature can help us remove carbon dioxide fast and restore our climate.” – Tomorrow’s Air

It took human ingenuity to get us into this situation. We’ll need technology to help dig us out too.



By signing up for a trip with Lost Travel, you’re making a contribution to Tomorrow’s Air.

If you want to do more (and please do!)…

  1. Follow Tomorrow’s Air on Instagram @tomorrowsair_

  2. Sign the Clean Up Pact and share

  3. Join the collective as a Supporter, Leader or Champion subscriber and do your part to grow the global community of travelers helping to restore our climate.

At the end of the day we’re all on this planet together. We highly encourage all of you wayward travelers to join us. Thank you for helping us on this mission.

Read more about our commitment on Adventure Trade and Travel Association News: “Creative Unscripted Adventures and a Bold Attitude: Lost Travel Sets and Example with “2.5% for Tomorrow”

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