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Day 7: Seven Days of Drifty

Day Seven: Saturday August 6th

Day Seven of the Drifty means you’ve made it. Well, almost. Just a short ride left to go. Some teams even stretch and get into Madison a day early to spend more time in the city. But generally most teams are riding into the finish party today on various groomed gravel bike trails that lead into the state capital city.

If you ride in from the south you have to go through New Glarus and Paoli. They are experiences you won’t soon forget.

Either way, you’ll arrive at the finish party at Karben4 in Madison. Unless you’re the first ones there (not recommended) you should arrive to see a bunch of tired, sweaty, thirsty, hungry people. You’re in luck because we’ll have plenty of food, beer, seltzers, soda, water to satiate you.

At the finish party while you’re busy filling your belly that man in the funny hat is back but this time giving out awards like ‘Most Bicycle Crashes’, ‘Most Time Spent Backwards in a Canoe’, ‘Most Breweries Visited’ and so on. You’ll also be handled a heavy medallion for your efforts.

Wave that medal proud and check the Drifty off your list. You’ve joined a relatively small list of people who’ve not only paddled the entire stretch of the lower Wisconsin river but you also biked all the way back. You’ve seriously earned our unwavering respect and we hope you enjoyed the adventure.

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