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Our Adventure Guidelines for the Covid Age

Photo by Andrew Thompson on the Ozark Drifty recon trip.

Photo by Andrew Thompson on the Ozark Drifty recon trip.

We’re expecting the covid cloud to hang over us for at least another 12-18 months and that’s pretty lame. We love a virtual meet-up as much as the next person but that’s just too damn long to continue sporting a virtual beach scene background while staring at the globe on our desk.

Real life camaraderie shan’t die in the covid age; we just need to play by a new set of a rules. It’ll mean more bike rides and less flights, small groups and less cruises, and (here comes our favorite part) more outside and less inside. Just like the doctor says… “Wear a mask and stay at least a canoe’s distance away from others.”

With that in mind, our team put together some guidelines to help provide a bit of consistency in spite of the constant uncertainty we’re living with.

In general: we intend to operate our events as long as the situation on the ground allows. We’ll do so while modifying any festivities to accommodate social distancing, making our groups much smaller, adding masks and more. We’re also going to be incredibly flexible with event details and with cancellations during this period.

0. Use Your Best Judgement

First things first, you know your situation better than we do. All of us have gotten good at reading CDC guidances and local government regulations. Based on where you live and where a Lost event is; it might be perfectly safe for you to attend. It also could be the exact opposite. As with everything, use your best judgement for yourself, your family, and your community.

If it doesn’t make sense for you to get lost with us right now, that’s ok. We’ll still be here when this is all over.

1. Outdoor > Indoor

Our events have been socially distanced since before it was cool; we’re going to continue that tradition. For our Start and Finish festivities we’ll opt for outdoor venues over indoor venues where possible.

For the “journey” part of the trip… well, those will continue to be outdoors. On a Lost event you’ll spend much more time with trees than you will with humans. Unfortunately this means that plans for our Mall of America Drifty are on hold.

2. Small Groups

We’re limiting our total attendee counts to 15 – 30 people, depending on the event. Furthermore, if people need to be together we’ll do it in spacious places or in a staggered manner. Ex. If it only makes sense for 10 people to be together at any given time, we’ll oblige.

Lost Masquerade Party

3. Face Coverings are In

Our kickoff and finish festivities are hereby declared Masquerade parties. Face coverings will be a staple for attendees and you‘ll see our crew wearing them. We’ll also be providing custom branded masks in all welcome kits so at least we can look cool while we’re protecting each other.

4. Family Style Meals are Out

Our kickoff and finish festivities will still include food and drinks. Expect meals to look more like bento boxes than buffets. Beverages will more than likely be poured-to-order.

5. Flexibility is Key

As much as we like to throw caution to the wind we also know how to read tell-tales. We try to communicate to registrants early and often as the world keeps changin’. Things like times, addresses, sponsorship freebies, and more might change without much notice.

Every event will be different and will include nuances based on what is happening at that time and place.

Refunds and Cancellations

In spite of these guidelines it might just be the case that things don’t go in our favor.

If you cancel…

If you sign up and you have to cancel due to a covid-related situation, we’ll work with you. We would rather that everybody err’s on the side of safety.

We can typically do full refunds up to 45 days before an event. Inside of that time frame we’ll be reasonable based on how far along event prep is. Either that or we’ll let you transfer to another event. Just get in touch with us.

If we cancel…

If we have to cancel a trip due to covid restrictions in the region, we’ll issue full refunds or let you transfer to another trip. Examples of this: Local bans on travel, the full closure of accommodations necessary to the trip, New information about the pandemic, etc.

Regardless, we recommend travel insurance for any other expenses you might have incurred.

Photo by Andrew Thompson on the Ozark Drifty recon trip.

Photo by Andrew Thompson on the Ozark Drifty recon trip.

Plagues and pandemics have never stopped our civilization from venturing out and pushing our boundaries. This one won’t break that adventurous spirit either.

After all, a Lost event has always been about about the journey. It’s about the deep connection that’s formed with people and the planet while taking part in a novel experience in some beautiful part of the world. We just need to get creative to make that happen in a new reality.

Thanks for being flexible; we’re on this adventure together.

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