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Lost, in Your Own Words

We’ll shout from the rooftops about unscripted travel until we’re blue in the foot. However, we thought it might be nice for you to hear from somebody else for a change.

Here’s a bunch of Lost veterans talking about the time(s) they got lost with Lost. We literally couldn’t have said it any better.

They’re all pretty cool folks. Sign up for a trip and you’ll probably get to hang out with one of them.

If you prefer to read the good old fashioned way, here you go! We used a robot to make a transcript (at least they’re good for something).

Transcript: Lost Travel Testimonials

Steven (0:00): Hey, my name is Steven.

Kaitlyn (0:03): My name is Kaitlyn.

Jenelle (0:04): Jenelle Sutter here.

Mary (0:05): Mary and Fred. 

Allie (0:06): My name is Allie Johnson. 

Brent (0:07): Hey there it’s Brent here, just got back from Fashion Week in Paris.

[Soft Instrumental Music Begins]

Allie (0:15): My husband and I actually did the Driftless 250 this summer.

Mary (0:18): In 2000…was it 18?

Fred (0:21): 19

Mary (0:22): 19

Steven (0:23): In August of 2020.

Ben (0:25):  I have been on three Lost Travel events… 

Brent (0:27): …on a bunch of trips with them now.

Sara (0:29): I think the cool thing about the drifting is how approachable it is. 

Kaitlyn (0:31): I was incredibly nervous.

Steven (0:33): I had never done anything like this before.

Kaitlyn (0:36): I had never done anything like this before. 

Natalie (0:40): Before I did the trip to Everglades I had never kayaked more than a mile, maybe, at the most, 

Sara (0:45): You don’t have to be the best biker, the best canoer.

Natalie (0:47):  So 40 plus miles seemed totally reasonable, and definitely was!

Jenelle (0:54):  …the unscripted nature of it. 

Allie (0:57): At first, we were really unsure, didn’t know what to expect…

Jenelle (1:01): …as a person who likes things planned to the tee…

Allie (1:05): …didn’t really have a plan…

Jenelle (1:07): …letting go of that…

Allie (1:08): …and just had to wing it. And that was the beauty of this trip. 

Jenelle (1:11): And being completely open to staying anywhere and doing anything and taking any route.

[Faster Classical Music]

Aaron (1:21): I remember thinking the first night of the Drifty is sort of lying in my hammock, the wind was blowing, it was raining, it was way too cold for me to only be kind of in shorts with a thin blanket… 

Ben (1:33): …uh, having to fix a flat tire here, making a wrong turn there… 

Brent (1:38): For long times, you get a sore ass from riding the bike so much.

Aaron (1:41): …I was trying to figure out, how did I get myself into this? How do I get out of here with my dignity still intact?

Mary (1:48):  …but didn’t know we’re were sitting backwards in our canoe and couldn’t steer for oh, probably a couple hours.

Fred (1:55): I was pissed! I thought this thing is a piece of crap, its going every which way.

Mary (1:59): But we’re just sitting backwards in the canoe.

Fred (2:02): Yeah, once we turned around we were great.  It’s really a pretty good canoe.

Allie (2:05): The Driftless hills in Wisconsin are no joke. That was an intense bike ride. And we really had to push ourselves.

Aaron (2:12):   For every hill that you go up, there’s always a downhill there’s always some sort of like pay off…

Fred (2:17): Funny, not at the time…

Aaron (2:19): …despite sort of, the suffering involved, it was really extraordinary to be able to sort of focus on a journey. 

Ben (2:25): It is physically and mentally tough. You will be pushed and made uncomfortable. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

Steven (2:33): But that’s half the fun is being with your friends and overcoming these hardships 

Aaron (2:37): …to be forced to keep going, both by myself and the people I was with.

Ben (2:48):  The feeling of total satisfaction and happiness and relief and sadness that it’s over and of great community with the rest of the other people in the event and your team… 

Jenelle (2:59): …the incredible people you meet on the way 

Fred (3:01): …of different ages, all the way from college age kids to people about our age. 

Brent (3:07): The people that you meet are all incredible and you get to do outdoorsy things like this

Kaitlyn (3:15): Obviously, it is a trip that’s totally off the beaten path.

Natalie (3:18)  It’s definitely a different kind of getaway than going to the Ritz or hanging out at the pool. 

Ben (3:23): …from deciding what gear you have to bring, how much you’re going to overpack to hauling that gear a hundred, two hundred plus miles across the land and sea 

Brent (3:??) What Lost Travel does is really unique and memorable.

Fred (3:37): Yeah, kind of the cool thing about the trip, especially right now you can kind of tailor it to be whatever you like it to be…

Allie (3:43): We actually added an extra 35 miles by venturing into Iowa for a day, we wanted to check out a state park and I heard there was a brewery and a winery over there. So…

Fred (3:54):   …you know if you want to be social, you can move with the group. If you want to be off on your own, y ou can camp by yourself.

Allie (4:00):  …yeah, we paid for it the next day and had to bike a lot of miles but, but it was all worth it.

Ben (4:05): I promise you the beers at the finish line are 100% worth it.

Natalie (4:10): I can almost guarantee you’ll come away stronger as an individual, as a friend, as a couple if you choose to travel with a partner. Once you’ve gotten lost,

Brent (4:18): You learn a lot about yourself.

Allie (4:21): Well, a 95 mile canoe trip down the Wisconsin River does not break up our marriage. We were not sick of each other. We definitely learned also that freeze dried meals are not so bad when you’re really hungry. Um, because that’s what we lived on the whole time.

Fred (4:37): You know I’ve thought of putting canoe trips together before for myself…

Kaitlyn (4:41): And although I might love the idea of that, I’d never probably execute it.

Fred (4:46): …the reality is I never would have done it, uh, without Lost Travel.

[Instrumental Guitar]

Kaitlyn (4:49): I had heard amazing reviews about what these experiences were like and thought, alright, I should absolutely give this a shot. 

Allie (4:55): They were very professional and it was an awesome trip. 

Fred (4:58): They took care logistics, they did a great job with that, the price was really reasonable. And they just made it all possible.

Allie (5:04) We just love the vibe. It’s very laid back very light fun. 

Natalie (5:08): My husband and I have been together for 18 years and while we’re not getting any younger, trips with Lost have helped us rediscover that energy and excitement of when we were young. 

Allie (5:22): We finished the trip, elated, exhausted, but really proud of what we had done. And we had such a blast. And that was all thanks to Lost

Steven (5:33)  at the end of the trip, that’s when you really look back at those hardships with your friends and realize that those are the best memories that you’re going to keep from the adventure. 

Jeff (5:43) My happy place is now floating towards the Mississippi River… side channels on the Wisconsin…it could have been anywhere. Just so great.

Kaitlyn (5:57): I can’t even explain how grateful I am for the experience. It was way more than I could have ever anticipated. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and special and unique, but it definitely pushes you outside of your comfort zone and what you think that you are personally capable of.

Jeff (6:14): I really think there’s a moment for everybody in those kind of experiences.

Jenelle  (6:23): Pretty life changing experience 

Kaitlyn (6:24): That is a gift that you can’t ever, you know, really truly explain. So although I may have started off very nervous about this experience, I ended it with the utmost of gratitude and appreciation.

[Upbeat funky music begins]

Ben (6:40): I will continue to keep doing them. Uh, in large part because of the satisfaction at the finish line. 

Aaron (6:47): I would in a heartbeat do it again as many times as I was asked to.

Jenelle (6:53):  I will totally get Lost again. 

Steven (6:55): 100% would do another vacation with Lost Travel. 

Allie (6:58): We would most definitely do a trip with Lost again. 

Fred (7:00): It was a great trip, I can’t wait to do another Lost Travel trip again.

Brent (7:06): I’m going to keep going on the trips. If you haven’t done a trip…I recommend you do the trip…and, that’s it for me!

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