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Ash to Nash: Pioneer Edition

> “Pedal, pedal and pedal some more before you find yourself talking to locals and bartenders who are scratching their heads wondering what you’re doing. The beer and the “hell yeah that’s awesome” you’ll get from them makes it all worth it. ”— Joey Riding your bicycle… from Asheville, NC to Nashville, TN. We had our suspicions this would be one of those classic adventures that becomes the stuff of many a tall tale. “I once rode my bicycle from Asheville to Nashville!” “Yeah ok Grandma, time to put down the wine spritzer.” Start off in the charming foothills of Beer City, meander...

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AshtoNash Pioneer unRoute

Pedaling a unicycle up a mountain is hard enough already. So, we did something nice for a change. No, we’re not getting soft. We just thought a suggested route would be useful. And… it’ll make it easier for the Lost photographer to get a photo of you changing your flat tire. Behold Pioneers will receive a copy of this, on non-waterproof paper of course, at the kickoff party. If you want to download the map as a full-fledged PDF you can do that right here. Get the map Last but not least, we did you a solid and published this on...

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It’s Time to Take Your Show on the Road

Ever done a spin class? We tried it once because we’re always down for a good time and, well, it turns out our friend is a liar. If Spin is new to you: It’s riding a bicycle with an angry person yelling at you as you wipe your pal’s butt sweat out of your eyes. The worst part? No it’s not the fact that you put in all of that work and still end up in the exact same spot. No; it’s not the useless little weights. The worst part is that you never once have to worry about dodging road kill and potholes. What good is a bike ride if you don’t have the opportunity to pop a wheelie? Call us old fashioned...

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Asheville to Nashville

Things we love: cold rain pelting you in the face, diner breakfast, and first night celebrations going on a wee bit too long. The recon trip for AshToNash had all of that and more. A while back we got in touch with a guy named Joe and learned that he was a former Pro Cyclist. “How convenient!” we thought to ourselves. “We just cooked up a new bike trip and we’re too afraid to try it,” we also thought to ourselves. So… we gave him a bottle of whiskey and sent him into the hills. We thought it would be funny because to racers, adventure cycling is about as foreign as skydiving is to bears. Pro...

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