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Our First Event

It’s been a while since you tossed your name into the subscription form on

We admire that you handed over your email with no context about what we’d do with it or who we’d sell it to. That sort of blind trust is why you’re one of our closest confidants and travel companions. It’s also why you belong here.

We’d like to introduce you to Lost Travel. We’re a travel company that caters to the curious.

We’ve been busy over the past few weeks. In between hiking the Redwoods and camping in Devil’s Lake, we’ve built a landing page, incorporated a business, our dog destroyed an entire guest room, and we’ve cooked up the inaugural event for Lost Travel. The planning isn’t nearly finished but it’s cohesive enough to share. 

Our first adventure is a 7-day romp through the Driftless Region of Southern Wisconsin. It’s 250 miles long (ish) and full of paddling, pedaling, and camping. There will also quite possibly be a treasure chest and a taco truck involved. It’s called “The Driftless 250” but we’re rather fond of The Drifty. We’re incredibly excited about it and we’ve partnered with the Best Canoe Company Ever to help make it happen. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this. 

We genuinely want you to join us on this adventure. If you’re up for it, use the code “getlost” for a cool discount on the entry fee. If you’re not up for, please share our event and this promo code. Please. Share the hell out of it. Nothing would make us happier than knowing we aren’t the only ones who love waking up on a private island and setting off downstream at the break of dawn. 

We hope this is the start of something big. We’ll need some help as we paddle along and we want to hear your ideas too, for trips, expeditions, etc. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Sign up for the Drifty first; we can brainstorm at the finish line. 

If it flops, we’re going to have fun doing it. Won’t you join us on this first adventure? 


Jake and Larissa