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Bravo, that’s the ideal choice.

Fantastico, Sicilian Sojouner!

Your decision to sign up for Lost in Sicily is a masterpiece, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the magic of this Mediterranean jewel. Keep an eye on your inbox because if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed and a sprinkle of Sicilian luck, Jerry, our Director will be sending you a welcome email packed with all the juicy details. Get ready to dive into the enchantment of Sicily!

In future emails you’ll find our exclusive entry to the Lost in Sicily WhatsApp group – a virtual gathering where the excitement never sleeps. This is your backstage pass to toss around questions, share your anticipation, and engage in all things Lost in Sicily. We’re all about swapping tips on how to savor a cannoli while soaking in the Sicilian sun!

White you await these emails, here is a digital badge of honor for you. Flaunt it proudly on your social platforms or toss it into your group chats. It’s not just a badge; it’s your proclamation of joining the crew ready to embark on an adventure in Sicily!