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Lost Leaderboard

The Lost Leaders

The leaderboard celebrates the adventurers who’ve blood, sweat, and muscled their way through at least 3 of our events. These folks are the ones you’ll want to have around the next time you’re in a hairy situation.

And as of today


Adventurers are on deck with 2 medals apiece.

Pssst, If you’ve got 3 medals and we somehow missed you (blame Jerry) send us a note. We’ll get you on this list and give your glory its place on the web.


First Tie Breaker: Count of Pioneer Medals
Second Tie Breaker: Oldest Medal (May 2019 > Sept 2019)
    “Adventurin’ involves a pretty wide range of skills and it takes people to some dark places mentally. We needed a way to celebrate (and strive for) a more adventurous future. It’s hard to quantify. A hunk of metal and a digital leaderboard is where we’ll start.
    — Excerpt from an email Jake sent to the first people to cross the 3 medal threshold.