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Excellent choice. 

Achievement Unlocked:
Get Drifty

“Alright so I’ve done a thing, what’s next?” you may be asking. If Jerry is doing his job you should expect to get a welcome email from our beloved Director of Driftless.

This email will include a link to the WhatsApp group so you can join the digital party, ask more detailed questions, and talk about all things Drifty as well as your favorite crockpot recipes. 

If you’ve provided us with your correct shipping address your welcome kit will be arriving shortly. If you’ve given us the wrong address… well this is awkward.

In the meantime, here’s a badge of honor for you to share on your favorite social medias or post in your group chats to show how awesome you are.

Swipe right on the Yellow Book

You can swipe through an online version of our 2023 yellow book here. 2024 is on the way.