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Lil Drifty

Aug 2 – Aug 4, 2024

We’ve squished the Drifty into just one weekend

Because who doesn’t love a quickie? The Lil Drifty is two-and-half days of unscripted adventure that takes place in the beautiful Driftless Region of Southern Wisconsin.

It’s like a triathlon, kinda. There is some biking, but no running. There’s camping, there’s no route, and you only have to swim if you fall out of your boat. So, nothing like a triathlon.

Lost travel

Where’s the fun in being told exactly what to do!? We’ve arranged the hard stuff & coordinated some fun stuff, the rest is up to you. Map out a route or wing it. We don’t care.

The Lost Formula

The Route

The Driftless area of Wisconsin is legendary. Legend has it the Laurentide ice sheet was crushing on it so hard it decided to spare it from its destruction. 

In addition to its steep and rugged landscape, it has the largest concentration of cold water streams in the world as well as an endless supply of rolling wooded hills. Oh and perhaps you’ve heard of the Wisconsin River, the longest free-flowing stretch of river in the Midwest. It’s chock full of islands and sandbars. 

You’ll begin and end just a few miles from the Dane County Regional airport (MSN). After you bike to the river on Day 1 we’ll take your bike and throw a canoe at you. Once you paddle your way to Peck’s Landing (21 miles) we’ll swap again and you’ll head back to the start (about 50 miles) on Day 2.  We take care of all the boring logistic stuff. 

price and what’s included

How do you put a price on the great outdoors, adventure, and life long memories!? Turns out, it’s not that difficult or expensive. For your hard earned bucks you’ll get the adventure of a lifetime and some incredible stories. 

What you get:

  • An awesome start + finish line party (food + drinks included)
  • Life long memories with friends of your choosing
  • A sea-worthy canoe for your whole team
  • A treasure map for you and your friends to decipher.
  • Transportation and secure storage for your bike while you’re drifting down the river
  • Shiny piece of metal to commemorate it all
  • A custom tracking app with offline tracking functionality so your friends and family know where you are even when you’re hopelessly lost
  • Stories your coworkers will drool over


1 person / 1 Kayak


Team of 2

2 people / 1 canoe


Team of 3

3 people / 1 canoes


Bike loaded up with beer


An incredible trip where you’ll learn more about yourself than you anticipate. | You’re never technically far from civilization but it feels like you’re in your own private nature preserve. | The perfect combination of relaxation and exertion.
– Erik, 3rd Edition

My friends called me crazy and then they wished they would have signed up.
– Sara, 5th Edition

“Too many crazy stories to count. We spent one night on a hippie commune and partied til 3:00am with them. Another day we biked up to a diary farm to try fresh cow milk and got a private tour, A LOT of fresh milk & ended the night at the farmer’s cousin’s bar. It was utterly ridiculous.”
– Nick, 3rd Edition

The Driftless 250 is what I imagine going through the laundry is like. You get kind of dirty, then get sort of wet, then you kind of get the shit kicked out of you for a little bit but at the end you have this really warm and fuzzy feeling and you want to do it again. 
– Walker, 1st Edition 

“The Drifty 250 is an opportunity to live life at a different pace. How fast or slow you want that to be is up to you, but there will be boats, bikes, beer, and bald eagles.”
– Nate, 5th Edition

“This event taught me its okay to rely on the kindness of strangers (in fact, it might be better to embrace it).”
– Brennan, 6th Edition

“It is a week to completely unplug and to be in nature while testing how “outdoorsy” you really are. It is the perfect trip if you’re ready to do something a little more intense than tent camping at a camp site but are not ready to commit fully to Bear Grylls.”
– Blake, 5th Edition