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we host adventures

Unlike anything you’ve experienced

in Vietnam

Pioneer Edition 

Apr 2024


Tenth Edition

Aug 2024

Lost in Sicily

in Sicily

Third Edition

Sept 2024

Lost Black Hills

Black Hills

Camp Meetup

June 2024

What’s Lost all about

We exist to get people out in the world, off the beaten path and out of their comfort zones. To say goodbye to the resorts and hello to the unscripted.

We believe the best stories occur when things go wrong. When you have to rely on that pink thing between your ears and a little self confidence to get you through it.

Rethink how you spend your PTO.

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The lost concept

You’ve been told what to do and where to go your whole life. You’re not alone. This is what makes adventures with Lost Travel different.

We bring a bunch of cool wild crazy people together and take off the training wheels. Who wants to follow some kook with a flag anyways!? Not us.

We’ve arranged the hard stuff, coordinated some fun stuff along the way and will do our best to keep you alive. The rest is up to you. Map out a route or wing it. We don’t care.

Field Reports

Check out our field reports a.k.a. blogs for life changing stories & information such as “How to avoid paying bribes in Mexico” to “sustainable travel.”