Feedback on The Driftless 250

The Driftless 250 is what I imagine going through the laundry is like. You get kind of dirty, then get sort of wet, then you kind of get the shit kicked out of you for a little bit but at the end you have this really warm and fuzzy feeling and you want to do it again.
— Brian
It’s a unique journey with amazing people where you brave the elements, test yourself phsyically and mentally, and get drunk with the locals.
— Alex
I expected the paddling portion to be a little more leisurely... we were constantly paddling for 5-7 hours per day in between a lunch or piss break. And I didn’t realize there were so many fucking hills in the Driftless on the biking portion. I also thought there would be more gnats.
— Pedro
Prepare to experiment American culture while torturing your back and ass. Best week of your life!
— Brad


5% for the planet

This world of ours is the perfect canvas for getting royally lost in, and we don't take that for granted. 

5% of our top line revenue is donated to local organizations that directly preserve and improve the areas in which our events take place. 

That's 5% of revenue, not 5% of profits. This means that even if we don't make any money, we still pay our dues to mother nature. We also invite participants to donate above and beyond the entry fees.

Thank you for helping us on this mission.

About Lost Travel Co

our names are Jake and Larissa

We have spent over a decade camping, climbing, diving, driving, paddling, pedaling, hiking, exploring, sailing, and failing. It has taken us from the sands of Death valley to the sands of Rajasthan. We've been to some cold and rainy places too.

We did this alongside some amazing people. We pushed ourselves beyond our limits. We mended mental and mechanical breakdowns.

This taught us more respect for the world, for each other, and gave us an appreciation for navigating by good ol' map and compass.