Driftless 250 - 4th Edition - May 2020

Driftless 250 - 4th Edition - May 2020

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7 days, 250 miles, probably the best week of your life.
Registration for the Driftless 250 - Late Summer Edition. This is our 4th edition of the Driftless 250, taking place from May 16 - 23, 2020.

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The Driftless 250 is what I imagine going through the laundry is like. You get kind of dirty, then get sort of wet, then you kind of get the shit kicked out of you for a little bit but at the end you have this really warm and fuzzy feeling and you want to do it again.
— Walker, Driftless 250 Pioneer

What’s included?


  • 7 days of beautifully unscripted travel

  • A mostly sea-worthy canoe for your whole team

  • Paddles and life vests for your whole team

  • At least one bald eagle sighting (We stopped counting at 20)

  • One week’s worth of RX Bars and nut butters courtesy of RX Bar ($25 value)

  • One week’s worth of backpacking meals and more courtesy of Alpine Aire ($100 value)

  • Transportation and secure storage for your bike while you're drifting down the river

  • We’ll even toss in some wood for the canoe portion

  • A start line party (food + drinks)

  • A rager of a finish line party (food + drinks)

  • Shiny piece of metal to commemorate it all

  • Satisfaction that you're helping preserve one of the most beautiful areas of the Midwest

  • Stories your coworkers will drool over