We prefer to head into the wild with just a slingshot and a handkerchief but that ain’t for everybody. If you’re finding yourself light on gear, or you don’t want to lug yours to the start line, no worries. We’ve got a gear guy.

We’ve partnered with the crackshot team at Adventures Accessed as the official outfitters of The Driftless 250. They’re experts at getting lost in the woods and know a thing or two about digging cat holes and hanging hammocks.

For a small fee we’ll get you geared up so that you head out into the Driftless Region feeling like Ernest Shackleton. Click here and then add outfitting to your cart.

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Outfitting includes:

  • 65L Backpack (North Face or Osprey)

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping bag liner

  • Sleeping pad

  • 2 person tent OR one person hammock with built in bug net, rain fly and accessories to guy and stake

  • 15 L dry bag for sleeping bag

  • 13 L dry bag for clothing

  • MSR pocket rocket stove

  • Fuel for stove

  • Pot for cooking (large enough for two)

  • Camp sponge and camp soap

  • Tinder-balls for fire starting

  • Cord for hanging food and utility use

  • Trowel

  • Water filter

Get Geared Up!

Get outfitted clicking here and adding outfitting to your cart. We’ll aside some gear and polish it up real nice for you. We will also send over some follow up questions and details as we get closer to the event.

You’ll pickup your gear at the start party of the event. At this point we’ll also give a 20 minute tutorial with tips, a demonstration of how not to hang a hammock, and stories of adventures gone wrong.