Thank you for downloading the Lost Tracker app!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need to have location services on?

    • Answer: Yes! Also - I think it is iOS that has another granularity. We want them to select "Always". Otherwise background tracking won't work

  • On iOS, when prompted for location services, should I select "Always" or "Only While Using App."?

    • Answer: Always

  • Do I need to keep the website (tracking page) open for the app to keep tracking me?

    • Answer: No sir! The app will keep running as long as you don't forcibly kill your app or turn off your phone

  • Do I need to keep this app running / open on my phone in the background?

    • Answer: Yes please!

  • Will the app track while I'm in Airplane mode?

    • Answer: No, it will not continue to track.

  • If I'm not moving, how often does it send a location?

    • Answer: For iOS, it will not send any additional location updates unless you double-tap the compass.
      For Android, the phone will continue to send location updates every ~15-60 minutes, regardless of movement

For other questions please do not hesitate to ask in person or via email at