We believe in a good adventure. The kind of trip that challenges you and has more unknowns than most people can stomach. It’s a different kind of travel, and we think more people should experience it. Sign up for our next trip to taste it yourself.

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Just 3 days!

Drifty Everglades

Same principle as the Driftless 250 (bike, paddle, camp), only with the added thrill of gators. 2020 is the pioneer event, which means lower entry fees and extra mishaps. We also removed the hills and shortened it. Learn more

A full week

Asheville to Nashville

Motoring an insane 300 miles on an electric motorbike that’s really much better suited for a daily commute rather than crossing the Appalachians. Best part? If your battery dies… just pedal it. Learn more

A full Week

The Driftless 250

Our flagship event, entering its 4th and 5th editions in 2020. 250 miles of biking, paddling, camping, and confusion. Crosses the Driftless Area in Wisconsin, from Madison to the Mississippi and back. Learn more

A Full Week

The Cascadonnée

7 days of paddling from the Puget Sound to the San Juan Islands, randonneé style. Another pioneer event, so jury’s still out on whether the local orcas are friendly. Learn how to pronounce it, and more, here.

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