Features Overview


Our tracker is ideal for multi-day races and adventure trips

Inspired by adventure and tested in the real world.


The tracker system is a platform that allows event organizers, participants, friends and family to follow the progress of racers on a course.

This also provides unparalleled exposure to your event during and after the event.

  • No hardware to manage

  • No monthly data subscription

  • No training


Other benefits

  • increase exposure for your event

  • Up your k factor

  • useful for event organizers to track participants, coordinate transitions / aid stations.

Web Page Tracker

participant progress is visualized in a scalable, and easily embedded terrain map. This shows progress in real time. For long events, this auto focuses on the most recent data points for participants.

  • Legend is providing highlighting participant names (or nick names)

  • Click to isolate a single trace.

  • Terrain view, Satellite view, and road view all available.

Mobile App

Easily installed mobile app with no trading required

Our android and iOS app provides the real time tracking data on participants.

App is password protected to prevent unauthorized users.

Incredibly low data and power usage.

Periodic data points that self correct.

Available on android and iOS


data security

upon completion of the event, the app can be uninstalled and all data / tracking ability is deleted

post event visualizations and images are available for event posterity

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