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Thanks for Supporting the Lost Cause! We built a few new trips for you. You’ve got them all to yourself for the next 7 days. Get in before the riff raff does.


Just 3 days!

Drifty Everglades

Kayak + Bike + CAmp | ~90 miles | Jan 2020

The Drifty Everglades takes the concept of our beloved Driftless 250 and moves it down south in the dead of winter. This is 3 days of biking, kayaking, and camping through the Keys and the Everglades.

We know what you’re thinking… Yes there are alligators. No you probably won’t get eaten by one.

Starting at just $337 per person

A full week

Ash to Nash

Motoring (+pedaling) | ~300 miles | June 2020

Finally! A trip that doesn’t involve paddling.

AshtoNash is a week-long rally of electric proportions. 300+ miles on an electric motorbike starting in Asheville, NC, through the Appalachians, ending in the Music City. No motorcycle license, no registration, no route, no rulez.

Just $775 per person

A full week


Paddle + Camp | ~150 miles | Aug 2020

Up the Cascadia Marine Trail, under paddle. In randonnée fashion, there will be 4 loosely coordinated control points for you to hit on your adventure. We gave it a French name because that makes it better.

Olympia to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Bring your own vessel or rent from us.

Starting at just $237 per person

Thank you!!!

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The 2020 Lost Event Lineup includes trips from Miami to Seattle.

The 2020 Lost Event Lineup includes trips from Miami to Seattle.