The 15 Best Worst Travel Experiences of 2018

We’re feeling a bit nostalgic over here at the Lost Travel office. 2018 was a good one. A lot of adventure went down, including our first. By now, the major publications have started announcing their 2019 picks for the best cruise lines, hotels, and fancy countries to visit. For all we know, the 2020 recommendations are just around the corner. While there are occasions for fine dining and highly coordinated agendas, we think the best aspects of travel are the those that don’t go quite according to plan. Let’s not let bygones be bygones. We asked our Board Members and friends to indulge in...

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Verdict: Let’s do it again.

The inaugural Driftless 250 was one helluva adventure. We captured it all on camera.  Strangers became friends, islands became hotels, a local man saved the day with a pickup truck, and we became one with the eddies of the mighty Mississippi. Teams learned what it’s like to ride a tandem bike, with backpacks on, uphill, and hungover. We learned a few new curse words as Andy fell through his hammock at 1am. We also learned that “doctor’s orders” are merely a guideline… you can, in fact, bike 160 miles with a broken foot. We stopped counting bald...

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The Driftless 250 is Near

It’s happening! One month from today, at this very moment, a brave group of adventurers will be waking up on some isolated sand bar in the middle of the Wisconsin River. They will rub the sand from their eyes and as they drink their morning rum from a coffee mug, they’ll have forgotten all about work emails, politics, bills, and the whole range of technological encumbrances that block us from living in the moment. That is, until they find out that there are no toilets on uninhabited islands. There’s still time to get in on this blissful event; because registration closes...

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